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2024 BEST Conference


Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering


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I (namely Yu-Kaung Chang) am president of the Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering Society of Taiwan (BEST). First, I would like to thank all the BEST members and supervisors for their support, I am honored to serve as the eighth chairman of the BEST society. I will do my best to serve all members, and fully integrate industry-government-academia resources to promote BEST affairs. To make society go smoothly,  BEST has the Promotion Committee, the Bio-Industry Committee, the Finance Committee, the Academic Committee, the Training Committee, the International Affairs Committee, the Conference Committee, and the Information Committee. The BEST society is an AFOB Board Member, and its primary goal is to promote cooperation and exchanges among academic circles in Asia. In the future, I will be committed to promoting academic collaboration among young scholars in Asia, holding various academic conferences, training, and other activities, and establishing a platform for academic research and industry-university cooperation, to enhance biotechnology and biochemical engineering fields for the purpose of communication and collaboration. Let's work together to grow forever.


President of BEST

Yu-Kaung Chang


  • 理事長      張煜光教授

  • 副理事長  藍祺偉教授